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What Every Student Need:

Primary Care Benefits:

GP Consultations, GP Procedures, Nurse Consultations, Specialist Consultations, Acute Medication, Chronic Medication, Basic & Emergency Dentistry Treatment, Optometry, Pathology, Radiology, Maternity

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Wellness Programme:

Health Screenings, Pap Smears, PSA Screening, Vaccination Programme, Assistance Programme (AP)

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Hospital & Emergency Care:

In-Patient Hospital Treatment
Accident Only,
In-Patient Hospital Stabilisation
Emergency Only,
Out-Patient Casualty Treatment
Accident Only,
MRI & CT Scans
Accident Only,
Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapists,
Accidental Death Benefit,
Emergency Services

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Money24/7 Membership:

Money24/7 E-Wallet account,
Money24/7 international Prepaid Mastercard,
R1000,00 per month discount grocery coupons,
R5000,00 Funeral Assistance
Included Garnishee order investigations,
Included Shell cashback card

Student Data and Airtime Plans:

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Herminix (PTY) Ltd


Primary Care Benefits

Wellness Programme

All Wellness and AP benefits are included on the Primary Care and Primary Care + Hospital Care benefit options.
For the Hospital Care standalone plan options, only the AP programme benefits are included.

Hospital & Emergency Care

No waiting periods for hospital care benefits.

What you need to know:

1. Complete the form above and click submit
2. When we receive the application form we will:
   – Prepare your documentation
   – Open your Money24/7 E-Wallet
   – You will receive a welcome SMS from Money24/7
   – We will prepare and send you details via email
3. Deposit your registration fee into our trust account(details will be sent to you)
4. Notify us when ready to receive your Money24/7 Prepaid bank card
5. Submit your proof of address and copy of ID or passport documents
6. Deposit your card activation fee of R150 into your money24/7 wallet to activate your account
Please note there could be a courier cost associated to the delivery of the card or you can pick it up from your training institution.