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NOTE: Only registered members qualify for this fuel program.

Each Mifuel Coin you earn is worth one cent. Each Mifuel Coin is generated and 100% managed by the MiFuel automated system and is guaranteed by our NPO partner, Bahlomphegi Youth Development Programme NPO 179-565 NPO, A B-BEEE registered non-profit Company in South Africa. Registered members also earn MiFuel Coins on other benefits when used.

For each liter of diesel, you fill up at participating fuel stations you earn MiFuel Coins to the value of 25 MiFuel Coins per Liter Diesel and for each Liter of Petrol, you earn 15 MiFuel Coins.

SHELL donates the value of 12 MiFuel Coins per liter Diesel, and 4 MiFuel Coins per liter Petrol you fill up at a participating SHELL service station in South Africa to our Alleviate Hunger 2030 Charity Campaign. The Alleviate Hunger 2030 Campaign stand on three core pillars.

1.       Food Security

Rise Against Hunger is our main Charity. For every R2.79 donated a child receive one balance meal per day. In the word on the street, for every 18 liters diesel or 54 liters of petrol, one child receive a balance meal for the day.

2.       Education

The Alleviate Hunger 2030 Campaign support education on different levels and support all South Africa residence without any discrimination.

3.       Upliftment

The Alleviate Hunger 2030 Campaign is involved with SETA Accredited E-Learning training courses. We believe by helping people to feed them self is the answer to Alleviate Hunger.

Our partner on the SHELL fuel program and registered Reseller of the Shell T-Card Fuel Program is AIH Group. Through AIH and SHELL generosity and as a registered member, you are able to register your vehicle, as a valued member and supporter, of the Alleviate Hunger 2030 Campaign.

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