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Maxi Rewards programs is a basket of needs-based assist benefits, rewards and services at affordable monthly contributions. Only available to members. Maxi Rewards developed products and negotiated the lowest rates with Insurers and Service providers, which members can use daily.

Without the middleman, the costs are much lower, the benefits are much more than the monthly membership fee, and a definite benefit to your lifestyle and comfort.

Maxi Rewards's focus is to provide cost effective and value-add services to the ordinary South African citizens. We offer also offer cover to all foreigners living in South Africa.  The first Rewards company in the country to offer this service.

Maxi Rewards Assist Programs are not medical aid plans or insurance schemes. Maxi Rewards offers Assistance programs and all programs can be taken together with any medical aid or any insurance product.

Maxi Rewards offer different membership options and giving our members benefits such as:

  • Maxi Funeral Assist from R24.90 membership fee per month
  • Maxi Health from R69.00 membership fee per month
  • Maxi Medical Emergency R10.00 membership fee per month
  • Maxi Edu-Assist Tutoring R10.00 membership fee per month
  • Maxi Magazine Subscription R25.00 per month. AL-NIMAH the first Sariah Compliance lifestyle and rewards magazine

All our membership offerings include various day to day benefits such as our R1,000 per month grocery coupons, emergency benefits, Private Ambulances and Emergency Medical Services, Education benefits and much more.

We comply to all relevant Legislation and believe in Treating our Members Fairly.

Members will receive continuous communication from us about existing, new and upcoming benefits.

What will you receive from us:

  • You will receive emails with your welcome pack, membership certificate and membership Terms & Conditions.
  • On your request will we shall SMS al link to these documents to you.

Thank you for joining the Maxi Rewards Family.

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